INSTA-CERT SBC ISO 17885 A new SBC has been issued - Mechanical fittings for pressure piping systems.


INSTA CERT SBC EN 1852-1 and INSTA CERT SBC EN 13598-2 are updated The SBCs are updated due to new versions of the standards. Some minor changes in testing are also introduced, see the Foreword in each SBC.


INSTA-CERT SBC EN 14758-1 it has been published a new version of certification rules for mineral modified PP drainage and sewerage pipes;SBC14758. Document has been issued like the version which was on hearing except uppdated contactinformation to the finnish testhouse.


INSTA-CERT SBC EN1329 and SBC EN1401 are uppdated some misprints corrected in these documents which You can find under the title Documents/ Plastic pipes/ PVC pipes


INSTA-CERT SBC EN1329 uppdated Please fint the uppdated certification rules for PVC piping systems for soil and waste discharge within the building structure.


New INSTA-CERT structure INSTA-CERT started in 2016 project together with Nordic water utility assosiation and Nordic Plastic Pipe Association for improving the structure of INSTA-CERT. New structure was accepted in 8. November 2017


Revised INSTA CERT SBC EN ISO 1452 Please find the revised INSTA SBC EN ISO 1452 under heading Documents


Revised INSTA CERT SBC EN 13746 Find the revised INSTA CERT SBC EN 13476 under heading Documents
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